Fitness Professional Jobs

Fitness professionals work in health clubs, universities, resorts, and in yoga, Pilates and other fitness studios. Fitness professionals include group exercise teachers, private trainers, and yoga and Pilates instructors.

Job Description: A Day in the Life of a Fitness Professional

Due to the fact that most regular fitness and personal trainer jobs offer only part time hours, many fitness instructors and trainers divide their time between a number of jobs, working at various gyms as well as for private clients. It is common to work early mornings, evenings and weekends as a fitness trainer, in order to accommodate your clients’ schedules. On an average day, a fitness instructor may lead group exercise classes, have personal one-on-one training sessions with clients at a gym, or even work with a private client at his or her home. The exact duties will depend on the person’s place of work, qualifications, and specialty.

General Requirements and Training

The level of education and type of training required varies for different fitness instructor fields. Personal trainers generally take classes to become certified, and then may work under a more experienced trainer until they move on to taking personal clients. Many group fitness instructors usually get their start simply by participating in lots of exercise classes, and then auditioning for a teacher position. Pilates and yoga instructors require specialized training in their respective exercise methods. Currently, the Pilates Method Alliance and Yoga Alliance both suggest a minimum of 200 hours of training for instructors.

To become a certified fitness professional, you must hold a high school diploma, be certified in CPR, and pass an exam specific to the fitness field in which they plan to work.

Certification is not always required to start working – group fitness instructors often start without certification, for example.

Certification from a top organization is especially important for personal trainers. While it is not always a requirement, more fitness professionals are getting bachelor’s degree in exercise science, physical education, kinesiology, or other health-related area, as this greatly improves employment prospects.

Personal Trainer Salary Ranges

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a fitness trainer or aerobics instructor with one to four years experience earns a medium salary or $39,201 per year.

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