Hospital Nutritionist Jobs

Nutrition jobs available in healthcare and hospital facilities such as nursing homes are medical in nature and often focus on the prevention and treatment of disease for special populations. Duties are focused on recovery and treatment, and often involve nutrition consultation, dietary analysis, and diet prescription.

Each of these tasks requires extensive knowledge of medical nutrition therapy. It is for this reason that nutrition jobs in this venue are specifically for Registered Dietitians with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in dietetics.

As an individual with this type of nutrition job you would work with other health professionals such as doctors or physical therapists to diagnose patients. You would then combine your knowledge and expertise to provide treatment. The dietitian’s role includes analyzing the diet, reading lab results and making suggestions on lifestyle change as it relates to the symptoms and health condition of the patient.

Dietitians working in hospital and healthcare facilities work with people who have diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other health issues. In addition, these individuals are looked to for expertise in nutrition as it relates to newborn and pediatric cases, pregnant women and aging populations. Some dietitians may also specialize in eating disorders and work with mental health professionals to address the issues related to these conditions. Other daily tasks may include community outreach through nutrition education classes. Some dietitians in hospitals may also manage food service departments.

Some jobs do exist in hospital and healthcare settings for individuals with an associate’s degree in dietetics such as Dietetic Technician, or a nutritionist with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nutrition or dietetics who is not Registered Dietitians. These professionals may be hired to assist dietitians, to conduct community outreach and teach classes, or work in food service.

Dietary Aids with a high school education may also work in food service at these institutions.

Dietitians and nutritionists working in hospitals and related healthcare settings earn an average median salary of about $51,500 per year. Half of full-time Dietetic Technicians registered through the American Dietetic Association with four years or less of experience report making $30,000 to $40,000 per year. Average salaries for Dietary Aids are around $14,000 per year.

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