Wardrobe Jobs

In a world of make believe, or even a world of recreation, down to the last seam or stitch of clothing or armor, the Wardrobe Department is one of the biggest assets on a film set. Important to both the Hair and Makeup Departments, Wardrobe is the final stop in bringing a physical character to life.

Through countless creative powwows known as Production meetings, each department meets to discuss and hash out ideas and thoughts and sketches of what a film will look like. That is where the magic begins. Usually, even if the film calls for original clothing from the present time, a wardrobe stylist will have to go out and actively find these clothes OR they will make them. On the other hand, a historical piece like Braveheart or Schindler’s List requires a skilled artist to seek out – or create from scratch – a wardrobe from top to bottom that doesn’t contradict history. A wardrobe department can consist of fashion experts to fashion designers and the training can require a long and diligent road, but like anything in film there is no magic amount of schooling. To make it in film, talent will always surpass education.

A wardrobe department requires the stylist to sew and tailor and create something from nothing or create a magical world like something imagined from the brilliant mind of Tim Burton. A broad scope of creativity will be any artist’s greatest asset and that is no different when it comes to wardrobe.

Now that we’ve broken down the relative departments in film, let’s delve into how to train to be a makeup artist.

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