More Makeup Employment Opportunities

If after reading and researching everything it takes to make it as a makeup artist in film, you decide it’s not for you, there are a number of other ways to make a living in makeup. After you’ve completed your training there are so many markets for a makeup artist. You can start your own business and specialize in budoir or portraits. You can work in fashion and create and conceptualize looks that work directly with a product. You can do makeup artist jobs for special events and weddings. Regardless of what avenue you choose, go the distance. If you do want to specialize in a particular type of look, find photographers you trust and enjoy working with and you’re sure to be the one they call. If you need to establish relationships with photographers, pick up a phone book or go online and look up specialty photographers. Send them your information and go from there. If you want to get into fashion, take the time to research fashion. Stay up-to-date on periodicals and fashion trends, strive to understand hair and clothing and above all, art. Fashion is a world for visionaries.

You have to be able to see something out of nothing and create works of art with a single stroke of your brush. If you decide to do special events and weddings, research every bridal magazine to stay abreast on trends. Find all of the local hotels and venues that weddings occur and contact the weddings coordinators. Schedule meetings and find out how to get on a preferred vendor list. Most importantly, keep your portfolio updated. Beauty trends change almost by the minute and what is “in” one moment can be “out” the next.

In any of these avenues of work, remembering the basics and always being current on classic looks, color matching, and maintaining an understanding of lighting and filters, will all but guarantee you success in your field.

If you haven’t yet found the avenue of makeup you’d like to pursue, there is also the role of educator. Should you take all of your experience and knowledge and decide you’d like to share that with others hoping to pursue similar fields, there are a lot of opportunities for you to explore. Most any makeup line like MAC or Shu Umera, hold makeup courses for new students and continuing students. Keeping up on what’s happening in the world of beauty and life will only emphasize your work.

Finally, once you have some experience and some work to show for it, maximize your visibility. Build a valid portfolio that is readily on-hand but find a way to brand yourself. Check out available domain names on the web and start building your website. These days it’s rare that anyone wants to see a physical portfolio so upload, build, use original content, and market yourself. If you don’t have enough faith in what you do, no one else will either. Don’t be afraid to promote your work and do work that makes you proud. Whether you go into film or not, confidence (not cockiness) is appealing. If you believe in your work AND your work can speak for itself, you will have a long and successful career as a makeup artist.

In order to succeed in an unstable economy and an ever-changing world, you, as an artist, must be willing to adapt and change with it. Having passion for what you do is always going to be recognized. Talent cannot be taught, it can only be emphasized. Your talent will come to light and that is when you have to know not only where your talents lie, but how to begin utilizing them to the best of your ability. There are thousands of makeup artists but not everyone has what it takes to make it. Be the one that stands out, always continue your education, and the best advice anyone can give you is be willing to grow.

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