May 8, 2014

Cool Maritime Industry Employers

It may surprise you, but the maritime industry is one of the largest sources of transportation in the world. It’s a cheap way to transport goods on a global scale. In the maritime industry hard workers like you are in demand. Are you ready?

Approximately 2/3 of the planet is covered by water. There are over 200,000 miles of coastline and endless port towns. Millions of people work in the maritime industry on ships, ports, and on land. Are you up for working in this industry? If you’re ready to brave the seas, seek adventure around the world, and make money then the maritime industry might be the perfect job solution.

The maritime industry covers a wide variety of niches – sailboats, yachts, tugboats, cruise lines, ferries, cargo ships, super tankers, and more. To keep all of these forms of transportation and commerce at peak performance, there are jobs like Seaman, Deckhand, Engineer, Steward, Officers, Longshoreman, Surveyors, and more. What will you do?

The biggest thing to consider, is which maritime employer do you want to work for?

You can find more  maritime employers on the Maritime Industry jobs section of the JobMonkey Job Board. There are both entry level and highly skilled jobs available. The maritime industry is a great place to find a job and build a cool career.

You can learn about the maritime industry on JobMonkey.

If traveling the world, seeking out adventure on the high seas, and making a solid living sounds good to you, then it’s time to apply for a maritime industry job. Good luck!

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