Maritime Jobs

Maritime Industry Section Home Page ImageWould you like to be a mariner, working at sea on a container ship, tanker, or perhaps a tug? The world’s maritime industry relies on a specialized and passionate workforce to accomplish its varied goals. Not only are jobs available at sea but also in ports.

On JobMonkey you can search for the latest maritime job opportunities with some of the world’s most prominent employers. Plus, we profile many of the common job found aboard ocean-going vessels, from Able Seaman to Engineer and Officer positions.

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Maritime Industry Overview

Are you drawn to the sea? If so, then work in the maritime industry. Jobs are available worldwide, pay well, and workers are in demand!

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Top Employer Profiles

JobMonkey features several top employers in the Maritime Industry. Container ships, workboats, ocean towing, and other marine service jobs.

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Merchant Marine Jobs

There is a clear heirachy among merchant marines. Learn about each position, from ordinary seaman to captain!

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Port Jobs

Many jobs in the maritime industry are based on land. Busy ports around the world employ thousands to load and unload ships, guide traffic, and more.

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