February 2, 2016

People Who Exercise Regularly Make More Money

Do you exercise regularly? You should. Did you know that people who exercise regularly make more money and are more successful? Is it time to start exercising?

Woman Stretching And Exercising In Evening Sun

When you’re juggling your busy schedule of work, home, kids, pets, friends, social life, and everything else, it’s easy to put exercise on the back burner. All it takes is about half an hour of exercise a day to have a positive impact on your life.

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Exercise is fun and it makes you feel good, but there are plenty of other benefits too. Exercise:

  • Improves your health
  • Boosts your productivity
  • Decreases stress levels
  • Improves your sleep patterns
  • Increases energy levels
  • Maintains discipline
  • Improves self confidence
  • Boost sex life
  • Increases brain power
  • Controls weight

Is it time to start exercising more? Yes. Everyone knows that exercise is good for you. This isn’t new information.

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What may be new information to you is that people who exercise regularly make more money A 2012 study from the Journal of Labor Research featured in Time.com shows that “employees who regularly exercise earn 9% more than their lazier counterparts.

That’s right, if you exercise regularly, you’ll make more money. Combine that fact with all of the other benefits of exercise listed above and you might want to start scheduling your half hour or hour of exercise every day.

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Get your heart rate up and see how you feel. It might be hard to create an exercise habit, but stick with it. You’ll be glad you did when you start to notice the true benefits of regular exercise.

Did you know that if you choose the right job, you can get paid to exercise? Learn more about cool jobs on JobMonkey.com.

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