October 19, 2014

18 Movies That Will Inspire You To Pursue A Career

When was the last time you sat down and enjoyed a good movie? Movies are a brilliant way to escape reality and see the world in a different light. Some movies can even serve to help motivate your job search.

If you’re trying to make a career switch, but need a bit of inspiration, try tuning in to NetFlix or renting a film for a couple of bucks. There seems to be a movie about every type of odd job.

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Films are a fantastic way to see a job or a career in an unexpected way. Hollywood is all about entertainment, but the following movies focus on careers that you may want to pursue.

  1. Lone Survivor – Navy Seal
  2. My Cousin Vinnie – Lawyer
  3. All The Presidents Men – Journalists
  4. Beverly Hills Cop – Police Officers
  5. Jerry McGuire – Sports Agent
  6. Patch Adams – Doctor
  7. Top Gun – Pilots
  8. Wall Street – Stock Trader
  9. Empire Records – Retail Jobs
  10. Indiana Jones – Archaeologist
  11. For Love Or Money – Concierge
  12. Super Troopers – State Troopers
  13. A River Runs Through It – Fisherman
  14. Zoolander – Model
  15. Spy Game – CIA Agent
  16. Cocktail – Bartender
  17. The Campaign – Politicians
  18. Now You See Me – Magician

You can learn more about these jobs and other cool careers on JobMonkey. Find out about other cool jobs on the big screen in the newsletter archive.

If you’re watching a movie to get a taste of what a day in the life of a job is really like, be sure to remember that your real job may be a bit different. Blockbuster films are meant to entertain and motivate. They may not portray your dream job completely accurately.

Watch films related to the career that you want to pursue and see what you think. Maybe it will encourage you to do a bit more research or even apply for a cool job! Until then, grab some popcorn and a soda and let Hollywood inspire your job search.

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