August 27, 2015

What Oil And Gas Industry Sector Has The Best Job For You?

Oil and gas is a global industry. It’s a trillion dollar niche that usually has more job openings than applicants. If you need a job, this is the place to look. Why aren’t you applying for jobs in the oil and gas industry?

Oil Drilling Rig Photo

The world relies on oil and gas. There are jobs all over the world – North Dakota, Alaska, Alberta, Texas, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iraq, Norway, Brazil. Anywhere there is oil there are oil and gas jobs. And guess what? These jobs typically pay really well!

Oil and gas jobs are often physically demanding gigs where you work long hours in remote places, like offshore rigs or wilderness camps. But that’s part of the appeal of this niche. That and the big paychecks you’ll earn.

Learn More About The Oil and Gas Industry

Let’s take a closer look at the oil and gas industry to help you figure out where you want to work. It’s often broken down into segments or sectors like Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream. Here’s what that means:

  • Upstream – This sector of the oil industry has to do with oil production. It’s the source of the supply of oil and includes exploration, drilling, and operations. This sector is where lots of the entry level oil rig jobs are located including roughnecks and drillers.
  • Midstream – This sector of the oil and gas industry deals with transportation and storage of the oil and gas. It moves the petroleum from the extraction site to the refineries. This may involve pipeline jobs, logistic jobs, or oil tanker transportation.
  • Downstream – This sector of the oil and gas industry deals with processing, refining, distribution, and marketing. It takes crude oil and turns it into useable products like gas, diesel, jet fuel, propane, or other products. Jobs in this sector may include marketing, accountants, engineers, and many other opportunities.

Which of these sectors interest you? Do a bit more research on JobMonkey. Then decide if you want to be a petroleum engineer, roughneck, driller, motorman, wireline operator, or something else? Why not start your job search with one of these cool oil and gas employers?

Find Even MORE Oil and Gas Employers Here!

If you want to learn about working in the oil and gas industry, visit the JobMonkey Oil and Gas Industry Guide. It’s full of useful info like job profiles, company profiles, salary information, glossaries, and so much more. It’s your first step towards a lucrative career.

When you’re ready, visit the JobMonkey JobCenter where you can search and apply for oil and gas jobs for free!

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