June 26, 2016

20 Reasons Why You Can’t Find A Job

How’s the job search going? Is it harder than you thought to find a job? The job market is tough and if you don’t treat your job search like a full time job, you’re going to have a very tough time finding a job.

Target with many arrows, but none hit the bullseye

Let’s take a quick look at EreMedia’s collection of job search stats. These stats highlight the challenges that job seekers face during their job hunt. The numbers are eye-opening.

  • 250 resumes are received for each corporate job opening
  • The first resume is received with 200 seconds of the job being posted
  • Of 1000 individuals who see a job post, only 1 will get a job offer
  • Recruiters only look at your resume for 6 seconds
  • Only 17% of recruiters read cover letters
  • 61% of recruiters dismiss a resume because of a single typo
  • 76% of recruiters reject a candidate for using an unprofessional email address
  • 50% of job applicants apply for jobs they are unqualified for

Now let those numbers sink in for a minute. It doesn’t take much for your job search to miss it’s mark. Even if your doing almost everything right, you still might not hit the bullseye in the job search. Things really do have to align almost perfectly if you want to find the perfect job for you.

Take a close and critical look at your job searching self. Are there any specific reasons why you can’t find a job? Here are some common issues that will hurt your job search:

  1. Poor Interview Etiquette
  2. Waiting For The Perfect Job
  3. Not Following Directions
  4. Negative Attitude
  5. No Network
  6. Bad First Impression
  7. Too Much Competition
  8. Not Treating The Job Search Like A Job
  9. Dressed Inappropriately
  10. Resume and/or CV Is Lacking
  11. Trash Talking Former Employers
  12. Didn’t Do Your Research
  13. Overqualified/Underqualified
  14. Body Langauge Mistakes
  15. Lack Of Online Presence
  16. Asking For Too Big A Paycheck
  17. Can’t Sell Yourself
  18. Social Media Taboos
  19. Lack Of Enthusiasm
  20. No Job Goals

These are just a few of the reasons why you can’t find a job. It’s your responsibility to nail every single one of these points during your job search. Mess up one and you have to go back to the drawing board and start the job search over from scratch. If any of these issues plague your job search, head over to the JobMonkey Blog to get all sorts of free job search advice. It’s only a click away and it could be a total game changer in your job search.

Jump Start your Job Search In Just One Week

Once your job search is perfect, it’s time to search and apply for jobs. There are thousands of cool job listings posted on the JobMonkey JobCenter this very moment. Stop by and find the perfect job for you. Best of luck!

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