December 7, 2015

10 Reasons To Become A Pilot

Thousands of aircrafts criss cross the sky around the clock. Every one of those aircraft is piloted by a professional pilot who earns their living by flying through the skies en route to destinations around the globe. What could be cooler than a flying job?

Airplane Flying In Front Of Moon Picture

If you’re considering a career as a pilot, here are 10 reasons to become a pilot:

  1. Travel – Flying is one of the ultimate travel jobs. Every time you fly you are headed to a new destination.
  2. Office With A View – As a pilot, you get paid to fly. That means your office has an endless, birds eye view of the world.
  3. Freedom – Flying provides a sensation of freedom that you can only find high up in the sky.
  4. Adventure – There’s no doubt about it, flying is an adventure. It’s crazy how a simple machine can travel so fast through the air.
  5. Career Choices – When you earn your pilots license, you can make a solid living in a number of different pilot roles (see options below!).
  6. Financial Rewards – Established pilots get paid really well. The BLS says the median salary for a pilot is $98,410 per year.
  7. In-Demand – There is a constant shortage of pilots. If you build your flying hours, you’re almost guaranteed to be able to find work.
  8. Fun – Flying is an enjoyable way to earn a living. It sure beats sitting in a cubicle!
  9. Work Life Balance – Pilots may be away from home when they are working, but when they are home they have a work life balance that would make anyone jealous.
  10. Challenge – Flying is a challenging field to break in to. You have to be on top of your game and constantly learning about new techniques and technology if you want to be successful.

Every aspiring pilot needs to be prepared to earn their wings. It’s expensive to earn a pilots license and to build your flying time. Once you’re established, you join an elite club of pilots that are an integral part of the world of transportation.

19 Airline Employer That Want To Hire You

The majority of pilots fly for the major airlines, but there are other pilot jobs available too. Maybe you’d be interested in pilot jobs like these:

The aviation industry is seeing explosive growth in the number of pilots that are currently being hired. If you can dedicate the time and the finances to becoming a pilot, you’ll be set up for a successful career in the lucrative aviation industry.

If flying sounds cool to you, learn more about the aviation industry on JobMonkey or start your pilot job search on the JobMonkey JobCenter.

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