February 15, 2011

Report History in the Making with a Career in Journalism

Over the past few weeks, people from around the world have been watching the political unrest happening in the Egypt and other nearby countries.

In these situations, the only reason we know what’s going on is because hard-working journalists are brave enough to report the news, even during dangerous situations. Looking for a job that requires intelligence, a sense of adventure, and courage? Journalism might be for you!

Now, not every job in the journalism field is one that will require you to put yourself in harm’s way or leave the country. As someone new in this field, you’ll likely start out in a position writing or researching stories, or you may work at a small, local news station. Journalists can also work online, with telecommute jobs that allow them to upload articles to a news website from their home.

Keep in mind also that journalists aren’t just reports or news writers. Some other journalism jobs you can consider include:

  • Camera Jobs: While the news reporter speaks to the audience, someone has to hold the camera! This is actually a harder job than it seems, as you’ll be the one to set up the shot and make sure that everything from lighting to angle is perfect. Becoming a camera operator in the field takes years of practice in the studio or as an assistant first. For print publications, photographers do a similar job.
  • Radio Jobs: Not all journalists are on television. Finding a radio job in journalism gives you a completely new audience, as you have to learn to be more descriptive and can’t rely on a shot to fill time, since it will record as dead air.
  • Wardrobe, Hair, and Make-Up Jobs: Whether you’re reporting from the Middle East or a local sound stage, reports need stylists to make sure they are presentable while on television. Working in a wardrobe job in the journalism industry isn’t about finding a costume or special effects, but rather choosing a look that will give the reporter a professional style while not taking away from the news he or she is reporting. On location, you might have special challenges in this job, such as ensuring that the reporter adheres to local religious customs or combating adverse weather conditions.

No matter what role you take in delivering news, it takes hard work and dedication in the field to earn a position covering important news stories, such as the situation in the Middle East. Start at the bottom of the ladder as an intern or in an entry-level position and work your way up as you gain experience in your position.

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