November 15, 2015

Robot Proof Your Career Right Now

Can a robot do your job? It’s an important question that you need to consider before your career or dream job becomes automated and obsolete. Now is the best time to robot proof your career.

Robot Working A Human Job Image

According to, “one in five companies has replaced workers with automation – and not just in low-wage jobs.” That number is even higher at larger companies and this trend is expected to grow. Another article from, highlights a study from University of Oxford that “estimated in 2013 that 47 percent of total U.S. jobs could be automated and taken over by computers by 2033.” These are scary facts that you need to prepare for.

Technology, robots, and automation save companies money. Robots don’t require breaks. They aren’t working toward a pension. They don’t need sick pay or holiday pay. They can work around clock. They’re weather proof. They won’t sue the company. They aren’t distracted by office gossip. Robots are pretty much the ultimate employee. They can do everything you can do more efficiently and at a lower rate. Robots aren’t just eliminating low wage jobs though, anyone can be replaced by a robot.

Is Your Career At Risk Of Being Taken Over By Robots?

Robots have already eliminated many human jobs. Amazon wants to use drones to delivery packages. Google is inventing self driving cars. Robots can lay brick roads, vacuum floors, dominate manufacturing, check you out at the grocery store, and even serve drinks. In the future, will there be anything a robot can’t do?

Of course there is. Robots can’t excel in certain niches that require uniquely human skills such as empathy, communications, compassion, creativity, caring, and countless other traits. It’s up to you to pursue a robot proof career. Here are four tips to ensure your job is robot proof:

  • Choose A Job That Is Rich With Human Skills – Some jobs are uniquely human. Find a job like an outdoor job, seasonal job, or creative jobs and robots can’t compete.
  • Stay Ahead Of The Automation Curve – Automation is coming. It’s your responsibility to know how automation might affect your job and your industry and adapt accordingly.
  • Learn New Skills Now – If you know that your job isn’t robot proof, you need to start learning new skills now. The sooner you start training for something robot proof, the sooner you’ll be safe from technology taking over your job.
  • Become An Influencer – If you have a strong personal brand and people look up to you for advice and information, you’ll be a valuable asset to any company. Even if a robot can do your job, an influencer is too valuable to let go.

Everyone should do these things even if they have the most robot proof job in the world. We found a cool post from the BBC that will predict the likelihood that your job will be taken over by a robot. Find out if your career is robot proof right now with the BBC’s Will A Robot Take Your Job?

While researching this article we also found an interesting website called The Robot Report that’s worth checking out. The Robot Report highlights the latest news in the world of robots, what companies are using robots in the workplace, and other interesting robot information. If you’ve got robots on the mind, this is the place to be.

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On the bright side, many jobs that robots replace also open up new opportunities for humans doing something completely different things – like robot engineering.

Robots are no longer something out of a science fiction movie. They are our new reality. Pay attention to technology and try to discover how it might affect your career down the road. Be ready to adapt and learn new skills as necessary. It’s your responsibility to make sure to robot proof your career.

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