November 11, 2010

See the World – And Get Paid To Do It!

Love to travel? If so, a career that includes travel as part of the job description might be a perfect option. When you travel for work purposes, you aren’t constantly on vacation, but in exchange for working on the fly (no pun intended!), you’ll get to see some beautiful locations across the country or even around the world.

So what careers lead to travel opportunities?

  • Airline Flight Crew: Without a doubt, one of the ways to more securely ensure that travel is part of your job is to become a part of the airline flight crew – either a pilot or a flight attendant. You could work on domestic airlines or international flights, depending on your employer and your job experience. Working on a flight crew isn’t always glamorous, though – typically, pilots an flight attendants work very long hours with few breaks and you’ll be away from home extremely often.
  • Driveaway: Instead of working as a traditional truck driver, why not consider working in a driveway job? Driveaway workers help transport vehicles, and while truck driving is an important part of this industry, you could also be hired to drive an invidiual’s car, RV, etc. across the country to a new home.
  • Missionary: If you’re driven by faith or a need to help others, working as a missionary could be the perfect choice. Missionaries usually don’t travel to fancy cities to work, but you will get to see some countries that other only dream about visiting. Best of all, you get the real-life experience in these countries, not a tourist’s view.
  • Travel Nurse: Travel nursing is a unique field where you’ll travel around the country to fill positions where need is greatest until qualified nurses can be found. If you’re interested in working as a travel nurse, consider a nursing specialty that is extremely high demand and get your master’s degree so you can work in a leadership position and qualify to perform the most tasks possible.
  • Translator: Some translators that do not travel, but if you work as a translator, you do have more opportunities to travel than people in most jobs. The top translators, and thus the ones who have the most chances to travel, speak multiple languages, especially ones that are in high demand from government organizations.

Believe it or not, there are opportunities to travel in just about any industry. Check out the JobMonkey home page to learn more!

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