October 13, 2017

Break Your Smartphone Addiction If You Want To Find A Job

How often do you check your phone every day? Smartphone addiction is a major problem in our society and it’s a habit you need to break sooner than later – especially if you want to find a job.

Street sign that says "put your phone down"

Let’s start by looking at a few smartphone addiction statistics from DailyInfographic.com:

  • The average person checks a cellphone 110 times a day
  • 40% check their cellphones in the toilet
  • 56% of users check their smartphones before sleep
  • 50% feel uneasy when they leave phones at home
  • 44% check job related email daily while on vacation
  • 26% of car accidents caused by phone usage

How many of these things are you guilty off? Probably more than one. Unfortunately the constant stimulus of a smartphone can impact both your mental and physical health. Plus, it can have a negative impact on your job search.

There’s no question that a smartphone can be a valuable job search tool. Conveniently located in your pocket, you’re always just a tap of an app away from searching for a job, sending off a job application, or updating your web presence. The key is to find a balance. When you become a smartphone zombie it’s not a good thing.

In the professional world, a smartphone is useful tool to have, but it’s also one more screen that you stare at all day. When you finally opt to ditch the smartphone, you will:

During your job search, it’s important to break your smarphone addiction. Put the phone down and enjoy your life. The things you do in life make you more interesting. The people you meet are the contacts that will help you find a job. Don’t let life pass you by. Instead, take your job search offline and use your smartphone in moderation. That’s the key to finding job.

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