June 7, 2011

They’ll Pay Me To Do What?!?!

Here at JobMonkey, we often feature traditional jobs such as working as a nurse, and we absolutely love highlighting cool jobs, such as becoming a tattoo artist. Some of the jobs we come across, though…well, they’re just bizarre! You might be surprised to find that people will actually pay you to do the following strange jobs:

  • Working as a Bicycle Tour Guide: If you enjoy peddling around town, you can share that love with others as a bicycle tour guide. In this position, you’ll be paid to lead tourists on bike through the area where you live, whether that be in the mountains of Colorado or one of New York City’s bustling neighborhoods.
  • Working as a Rodeo Clown: When you were a kid, did your parents joke that they were going to send you to clown college? Turns out…you can actually can get an education in clowning! Rodeo clowns aren’t just trying to get people to laugh – they actually add elements of tumbling to the routines they do, an of course, they have to be ready to distract large animals so riders can get away safely.
  • Working as a Golf Beer Cart Driver: Golfers often play in the hot sun, so the beverage manager, often called the beer cart driver, is a player’s best friend. In this position, you’ll drive around the course with a special cooler-equipped cart to offer snacks and drinks to golfers and, if there’s an event, spectators.
  • Working as a Headhunter: Before you panic, don’t worry – headhunters don’t actually decapitate people! Headhunters work for major corporations, with the job of identifying people both within a company and from other companies, who would be perfect to fill executive openings. It’s a great job for people who like to network and stay in the know when it comes to the business world.
  • Working as a Chimney Sweep: Yes, the chimney sweeps of Mary Poppins really do exist! You don’t have to know how to sing and dance to be a chimney sweep in really life, but without people working in this position, chimneys around the world would catch fire every winter.
  • Working as a Feng Shui Consultant: You’ve probably heard of interior decorators, but there are also people who will pay you to teach them about the feng shui of their homes. You could work with builders in this position, or you could go into home to help arrange furniture and add elements to help change people’s lives.

Of course, these aren’t the only bizarre jobs out there…and in this case, don’t think of the word “bizarre” as having a negative connotation. Bizarre jobs can actually be a lot of fun, and although you’re doing something non-traditional, you might find that you actually really like waking up for work every morning.

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