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Riding a bike is a unique way to see the world. You can enjoy the fresh air in places like Alaska, Spain, Australia, France, or Italy. You can tour scenic mountain ranges, bustling cities, tranquil plains, or vibrant coastlines. When you go on a professionally organized bike tour, you will have a bike tour guide by your side.

Bike tour guides lead bike tours. They take worldly tourists to see the of the world from the comfort of a bicycle.

Tours can last a weekend, a week, or a month. When traveling by bike, the world takes on a whole new perspective.

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Tours take place all over the world. Routes and itineraries are established by cycling tour operators. These companies pick beautiful places. Sometimes these tours offer lavish accommodations and fine dining. Other times they are backpacker style and are an economical way to vacation. Some companies organize custom trips, but most use established routes where they have already laid the groundwork for lodging, meals, and trip support.

Bike tour guides work for cycling tour operators. They are the face of the company. They need to be easy going, adaptable, customer service oriented people. Many bike tour clients have never done a bike tour. The guide needs to be able to coach and teach clients. They need to read their group and plan accordingly. And a quick aside, if you like the sound of this work then consider working as a river raft guide, which is covered extensively elsewhere on JobMonkey.

Bikes are an economical, green way to travel. They are simple inventions that can go anywhere. Bike tour guides need to be excellent bikers, physically fit, and have vast knowledge of bikes. They must be able to fix a flat tire, adjust a seat, tweak gears, and tighten brakes.

Bike tour guides are more than just bike fanatics. When people travel long distances for a bike tour they expect their guide to be a tourism professional. Guides need to be able to answer any and all questions as they cycle along the Mediterranean Coast or through the vineyards of Napa Valley.

An in depth knowledge of the area, activities, history, culture, and tour is essential for success. Many companies require guides to speak the local language. A bike tour guide isn’t just showing people around. They are on call 24 hours a day and must ensure the comfort and safety of the guests at all times.

Bike tour guides can work all over the place. They may lead week long tours in the Alps, meet cruise ships in the Caribbean and cycle to different reefs, lead wine tours in Chile, or point out the sites in London.

Bike tour guiding is a perfect seasonal job that provides a great opportunity to travel all over the world. Any enthusiastic person can be a bike tour guide because no formal education is required.

Look for work as a tour guide directly with companies like Fat Tire Tours, Backroads, or Trek Travel. Start the job search early. It’s definitely a competitive job.

Bike tours are not just fun vacations, but they are also educational experiences. Pedaling a bike is a great way to relax, see the world, and get a paycheck. Bike tour guides usually are paid on contract for a tour. They make anywhere from $75 to $150 per day. Often airfare, room, board, and expenses are also paid. Pay will vary for each employer, experience, length of trip, and trip location. Plus many bike tour guides get tipped after a fun journey.

If you love to travel, ride your bike, and deal with people you should be a bike tour guide. It’s an amazing gig. There is nothing like fresh air as you pedal across the world.

Quick Facts About Bike Tour Jobs

Job Title: Bike Tour Guide
Office: On a bike breathing fresh air
Description: Lead bike tours
Certifications/Education: No formal education necessary
Necessary Skills: Love for bikes, Knowledge of touring area, Communication skills
Potential Employers: Bike tour operators
Pay: $75 to $150 a day, depends on location

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