The Most Bizarre Jobs

Think about what you do. Waking early in the morning fueled by coffee while you fight the morning commute to your seventh floor cubicle. Then spending the day slouched over a computer screen reading numbers, making calls, writing memos, and answering to a boss who’s not as smart as you? You sit there day after day from 9 to 5 caged in a cubicle that’s smaller than a windowless prison cell. You do this 5 out of every 7 days, 40 plus hours per week, until you are 65 or older?

Snake Milker working on King Cobra Photo

Now some people might call it an unhealthy lifestyle. Some might call it bizarre. True your job may be a tremendous asset for your company. Maybe you make ridiculous amounts of cash. But is it worth it? Wouldn’t you really enjoy doing something else? Or would a truly bizarre job be too much for you to handle?

Bizarre jobs do exist. They are everywhere. Maybe you’d enjoy being a coconut safety inspector in the Caribbean or a bush pilot in wild Alaska. People do these jobs and they love them. But what qualifies a job as bizarre? Do you have to be an eccentric person to have a bizarre job?

Of course not. Every job exists for a reason, usually to fill a niche. Some people want to be telephone psychics, WalMart greeters, embalmers, wig makers, algae farmers, chicken sexers, pretzel vendors, fantasy brokers, honeymoon testers, body piercers, or doulas. All of these jobs could be considered weird, odd, strange, wild, eccentric, extraordinary, far-out, peculiar, ridiculous, unusual, or some might even say bizarre. It’s true. And maybe you develop some quirky behaviors when you make horseshoes or work as an ocularist, but it’s worth it.

Remember that each of these jobs exist for a reason. How would we have honey with out the eccentric beekeeper? Who would make anti-venom without the snake milker? Who’s going to test condoms? Create lego art? Design Ikea furniture? Test pet food? Butcher meat? Farm oysters? Or organize our useless clutter? Bizarre jobs help make our world go round.

People don’t have to be wild, crazy, oddballs to have a ludicrous, bizarre job. People do jobs that make them happy and give them a paycheck. When you are sitting around the water cooler scoffing at life as a falconer or a farrier, watching a YouTube video about a human statute, or reading an article about a taxidermist or a lion tamer – just imagine what those people are saying about your silly, bizarre office gig.

Maybe you should step back and think about what you’re doing with your life. Do you really want to sit around an office the rest of your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and part of your 60s? If you do, no sweat, but that’s a bit bizarre.

Consider what you would truly want to do if you could do anything. Go ahead think about it. Now it’s probably a bit bizarre. Do you want to operate the scoreboard at an NBA stadium? Work at a Harley shop? Baby proof houses? Organize rally car races? Climb mountains? Work in the porn industry? Maybe you want to be a US Congressman?

Just because these jobs strike you as a bit bizarre, doesn’t mean anything. Who’s really to say what is bizarre? Bizarre is a beautifully vague word that is open to interpretation. Whatever you want to do, do it. You’ll be happier. You may not conform to society’s norms or make a corporate bonus paycheck, but isn’t that what being bizarre is all about.

Life is bizarre and that’s what makes it interesting and entertaining. People should seek out bizarre jobs to gain worldly experience and explore what it’s like to travel off the beaten path. Who cares if people call you peculiar, ridiculous, eccentric, weird, odd, quirky, off beat, wild, or even bizarre. It’s your life. Take charge.

If you think that doing something strikingly out of the ordinary is what you were meant to do, then do it. You’ll never regret a good decision no matter how bizarre it is.

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