June 26, 2014

Why Tree Planting Jobs Might Be Perfect For You

Are you itching to get outside? Warm weather is here and the outdoors are calling your name. What type of work will you find outside this summer? Why not apply to work on a reforestation project as a tree planter?

We need trees to survive. Unfortunately, the world is losing forests at an astronomical rate. Reforestation helps to restore areas that have been destroyed or damaged by fires, logging, mining, or climate change. As a tree planter, you get to  plant trees in these areas. Not only do you get paid to save the world, you also get to spend your days outside making a difference.

Tree planting is a big industry that focuses on sustainability of both our forests and our planet. It employs lots of people just like you in both the United States and Canada. It’s impressive how much positive impact the tree planting industry has:

  • In the US, millions of acres of trees are planted each year
  • Approximately 1.74 billion trees are planted each year
  • Over the last century, reforestation has increased the size of the forests in the US

Based in remote camps, a effective and efficient tree planter can plant 1000’s of trees per day. When you figure that you make between 8 and 25 cents per tree, the paychecks aren’t bad at all. There is lots of potential to do well in this job. It does require hard work in rugged conditions and all sorts of weather, but the pay, the reward, and the job are well worth the effort.

Tree planting jobs are available in the summer as this is the prime time to plant. Before you commit to being a tree planter this summer, take some time to learn more about tree planting and forestry jobs on JobMonkey.

Tree planters can typically find work with the Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, or private companies like Brinkman. You can try to find tree planting jobs on the JobMonkey Job Board.

Have a great summer!

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