Jobs with Brinkman Reforestation

Brinkman & Associates Reforestation Ltd. has been in business since 1970. Since that point, the company has planted more than 900 million trees.

It is responsible for managing 1 million hectares of land.

The company has 35 specialized crews who service an area extending from Ontario through Canada’s western regions and the northwest United States. Brinkman has long-standing relationships with leading companies in the Canadian forest industry and has for over 20 years. Brinkman’s has developed innovations in both operations and equipment that are now considered the industry standard.

Working at Brinkman & Associates

Brinkman & Associates hires for crews that are deployed remotely. Crew members live in bush camps in remote locations for several weeks at a time. People who are interested in this type of work must be willing and able to be outside all day when at camp, in all types of weather.

The company has plenty of work available, and has contracts with quality clients. Workers can sign on for 130-day season or a short-term contract. Brinkman & Associates offers a safe working environment with experienced managers.

Brinkman & Associates has non-commissioned forepersons in the field to supervise workers. As a result, adequate time is set aside for training new workers and assignments are divided fairly among workers. Pay is deposited directly in workers’ bank accounts every two weeks and payroll staff are available to address any questions or concerns a worker may have.

Types of Jobs at Brinkman

Brinkman & Associates typically hires for these types of positions:

  1. Cooks
  2. Field Managers
  3. First Aid & Safety Representatives
  4. Quality Checkers
  5. Stand Tending
  6. Surveys
  7. Tree Planting Jobs

How to Get a Job With Brinkman & Associates

To get hired at Brinkman’s you will need to have a valid Canadian Social Insurance Number. Prospective candidates should visit the employment page and review company requirements.

Job applicants will receive a response within seven days if they apply for a position from November to May. Candidates who are considered to be a good fit will be interviewed by telephone or in person.

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