Tree Planting Career Resources

Canada Forestry Resources – A non-profit-generating site devoted to reforestation on Canada’s West Coast.
CanadianForestsWebsite – A website detailing Canadian forestry job openings, federal organization and private company information and is a good source for research.
Canadian Institute of Forestry – Mission is to provide “national leadership in forestry, promote competence among forestry professionals, and foster public awareness of Canadian and international forestry issues.”
British Columbia Ministry of Forests and Range – Includes job listings, career opportunities and education information.
City of Prince George Urban Forestry – Urban forestry website for the city of Prince George, Canada.
Natural Resources Canada – A website providing statistical information on Canada’s industries involved in forestry.

United States Forestry Job Resources

United States Forest Service
Volunteer opportunities with the U.S. government – A website similar to, but detailing forestry information in the United States.

Miscellaneous Forestry Websites

Bushpro Supplies – Information on treeplanting equipment and gear. – Website dedicated to treeplanting. – Another website dedicated to treeplanting.
The Forest Stewardship Council, which is active in worldwide sustainable forestry.
Global Association of Online Foresters – Ask questions, search for and find answers to forestry questions.
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations website, listing forestry as one of its core activities.
Forest Resources Association – A website focused on the forest products industry, including information on the impacts reforestation methods can have.
Center for Invasive Plant Management – Information on all manners of vegetation planting, care and programs.

Recently Hiring Forestry Organizations

Michigan Technological University – Website for the forestry and environmental science program.
Washington Department of Natural Resources
Forest Capital Partners, LLC – Hires foresters.
ERIA Consultants, LLC.


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