June 10, 2010

Turning a Summer Job into Something More

Summer jobs are great for high school and college students, but after you graduate, you’ll likely need a full-time position during the entire year to make ends meet. Did you know that today’s summer job could be tomorrow’s career? Here’s how to make the most of any summer situation so that you’ll have a strong resume in the future:

  • Look for related jobs. Many summer jobs help you learn skills you can use in the future. For example, a babysitting job could help you get hired as a nanny or a life guarding job could prepare you to be a rescue swimmer in the military. If you already know what industry most interests you, look for a summer job that is somewhat related.
  • Focus on being a good employee. Even if you can’t find a job relating to the career you want in the future, you can still gain valuable experience to fill your resume. Focus on being a good employee by being hand-working, punctual, and pleasant so that your manager or employer can serve as a good character reference in the future and can attest to your work ethic.
  • Work your way into leadership positions. Working only during the summer can make it difficult to be promoted, but if you are a good employee and come back year after year, it is a possibility. Holding any kind of manager or team leader position looks great on your resume, even if it was only at a fast food job during high school.
  • Network: Remember, the people you meet at your summer job could help you in the future. For example, if you work at a summer camp, one of your campers may come from a family business in your desired industry or another employee might have an uncle who can get you an interview with your dream employer. Network with everyone you meet; you never know what opportunities could come your way just by being helpful and friendly.
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