Nanny and Au Pair Job Search Tips

It may seem easy enough to land a nanny or au pair job. After all, you’ve been a babysitter and you love kids…what more is there?

In fact, finding and getting a nanny or au pair job can be just as difficult as getting any other job. You have to present yourself as a person who can be trusted with the safety and welfare of someone else’s children, prove that you can work long hours without getting flustered, and exude confidence to stand up the children in your charge.

American Au Pair Hold Two Babies in Germany

1) The first step in any nanny job search is to do your research. This is supremely important when you are looking for a nanny or au pair job, because the field is ever changing and growing. The responsibilities of a nanny in today’s society can differ from what they once were, and it is important to be aware of the latest news. What you learn in your research can directly inform the kinds of things that you market about your self, either your knack for working with children, experience in the classroom or college volunteer experience.

2) Once your nanny and au pair research is done, it is time to prepare a great, clear resume. If you’ve never had a resume before a quick Internet search will supply you with tons of templates to work with. Even if you don’t have any childcare experience, you might still be able to pack your nanny resume with experience that will make you an attractive candidate for a nanny job. General skills like organization and time management are very important for nanny and au pair jobs. For example, if you were a part-time waiter or bus boy, you can list your experiences with an emphasis on taking orders, patience and a positive attitude. All of these things are important to a family looking for a nanny.

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3) Next, get your resume out there. The most effective way to do this is to register with many of the nanny and au pair agencies that are present on the Internet and in the classified section of major newspapers.
There are a few national agencies, but your best bet is to find a smaller agency with a personal touch.

Your initial screening and interview process with a small agency will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your strengths and weaknesses, which the agency can process in a way that the families will be comfortable with. If you decide to register with a larger agency, like many of the ones present in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago, you will have the benefit of having a very large pool of potential families.

4) While you are waiting for interviews with families to be set up by our nanny or au pair agency, you should take some time to get your references in order. Some say that for nannies and au pairs, references are the most important element that a candidate can present. Again, even if you don’t have nanny experience, it is important to get together a list of references who can attest your responsibility, confidence and organizational skills.

5) The key to snagging a great nanny or au pair job is having a great interview. There are a few things that you can do to prepare, like learn as much as you can about the family you are going to work for, as well as tactics about working with particular age groups. But no matter how much research you do, you will ace your interview if you are confident and articulate.

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