October 27, 2015

Why Do People HATE Their Jobs?

Do you look forward to going to work? How many people can you name that absolutely love what they do? Considering that most people spend 40 hours per week at their job, there aren’t too many people who come home raving about how much fun they have at the “office.” Which brings up the question, why do people hate their jobs?

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According to one Gallup Poll, 70% of Americans hate their jobs. This results in stressed out, unmotivated, tired, burnt out workers. What causes these people to hate their jobs?

How To Escape The 9 To 5 Grind

Here are a handful of reasons why people hate their jobs:

  1. They don’t mesh with the company’s culture. – It’s important to research a company’s culture before you commit to a job. Does the company encourage fun or are they going to make you work 80 hours a week? Find a culture that matches your personality if you want to be happy.
  2. They don’t feel valued. – Being a valuable asset makes you feel important. When you feel like a monkey could do your job, you won’t enjoy what you’re doing.
  3. They have a dead end job. – If there is no room for advancement, you won’t be enthusiastic to do great things.
  4. There are too many rules. – Sometimes you need to let your creativity shine. If there are too many rules, you’ll feel stuck and discouraged.
  5. They have a long commute. – No one likes a commute, especially when it’s a logistical nightmare that cuts into your personal time.
  6. They have a hard time establishing a work life balance. – You have to make time to do the things that you enjoy. A work life balance is one of the most important things in life.
  7. They aren’t challenged. – Challenges are what make you a bigger, better, and stronger person. If you aren’t challenged, you’ll be bored.
  8. Work is boring. – Do you like being bored? We didn’t think so.
  9. They don’t love what they do. – Find a job you love and you’ll look forward to going to work. Discover what you enjoy doing and then figure out how you can get paid to it.
  10. They have evil or cruel bosses. – When you don’t respect the person who tells you what to do, it’s a perfect recipe for tension. You can always try to get your boss to like you, but sometimes it’s impossible.
  11. They fear change. – Change is scary, but change can also be great. Do your research to see what opportunities exist for you.
  12. The grass is always greener on the other side. – Even if you have the perfect job, you’ll always wonder if it’s better someplace else. Either go and find out, or don’t stress about it.
  13. They made the wrong career choice. – It’s easy to get pushed into the wrong career. Try not to let this happen to you. If it does, make a change.

It might be impossible to truly enjoy every single minute of your work life. But if you’re optimistic and positive, you can enjoy what you do. When you spend nearly 1/3 of your life working, you better find the bright side of it. If you can’t, maybe now is the right time to switch jobs.

Is This The Right Job For You?

It takes courage to make a career change, but if you find the right job it’s totally worth it. Don’t continue to do something that you hate. Find what you love and follow your passion. Learn more about new careers on JobMonkey.

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