August 13, 2017

10 Signs You Bombed The Job Interview

How did your job interview go? The job interview is a crucial piece of the job search puzzle. After the job interview, you’ll ideally be one step closer to landing the job – unless you totally bombed the job interview. During the job interview, it’s mandatory that you are on your best behavior. Be the […]

July 21, 2017

How Long Have You Been Unemployed?

If you’re heading into a job interview, it’s a safe bet that the interviewer is going to ask you, “How long have you been unemployed?” or a variation of this question like “How long have you been searching for a job?” Do you know how to answer this job interview question? Don’t let this question […]

July 9, 2017

17 Things Not To Do In An Interview

If you make it to the job interview, you’re doing a lot of things right. Now all you need to do is nail the job interview and you’ll have a really good shot at landing the job. If you’ve made it this far, don’t blow it now. 9 Reasons Why You Failed The Job Interview […]

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