August 12, 2018

8 Reasons To Update Your Resume Right Now

Your resume is perhaps the most important document in your professional life. It’s  your personal highlight reel that shines the spotlight on the cool things you’ve accomplished in the professional realm. It’s an essential piece of the job search puzzle. And it needs to be up-to-date at all times.

Professional using a tablet to update his resume

Resumes aren’t something that you can write once and forget about. They are a constant work in progress. Don’t let your resume sit around and collect dust or get lost amongst the files cluttering up your laptop. Ensure that your resume is relevant and ready-to-go at all times. You never know when you might need it.

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We highly encourage you to take the time to freshen up your resume and make it shine. Do it right now, while you’re calm, collected, and focused. Don’t wait until you’re unemployed, panicked and frazzled – that’s a recipe for disaster.

There’s no preset rule on when or how you should update your resume. That’s up to you to decide. Our advice is to update your resume regularly. There are plenty of reasons to update your resume right now. Have you…

  1. Done something exceptional at work
  2. Changed job titles
  3. Switched employers
  4. Earned a certification
  5. Won an award, sponsorship, or honor
  6. Joined a professional organization
  7. Learned a new skill
  8. Changed your career path or long term goals

Basically, anytime that something happens in your professional life, add it to your resume. This way you’ll have an updated resume and you won’t forget about your recent achievements. It’s as simple as that.

One great resume strategy is to create a super resume. Add everything you’ve ever done and more. Include all of the nitty-gritty details. Then when you need a one-page resume, it’s easy to pick and choose what you want to include.

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Updating your resume is a nice way to remind yourself that you’re great. Take a minute to read through your resume and remember all of the cool things you’ve done and achieved. A freshly updated resume can be a nice confidence booster too.

Plus you never know when you might need a resume. It’s nice to have a resume on hand and ready to go at all times. You might need to drop it in an email for a volunteer opportunity, freelance work, side hustle, job or school applications, requests from recruiters, or some other unexpected event. When you update your resume regularly, you’ll be ready for anything.

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