September 6, 2016

10 Ways To Make Money In The Shared Economy

What do you want from a job? Independence? Flexibility? Freedom? A paycheck?  If this is what you want, it’s time for you to make money in the shared economy. Jobs in the shared economy are super popular – and very easy to get. The shared economy operates on the idea of optimizing resources and utilizing assets. […]

July 5, 2016

How to Become A Digital Nomad And Successfully Live And Work Anywhere

A digital nomad is someone who utilizes technology to earn a paycheck while living and working remotely. Their office is based out of a laptop or it’s in the “Cloud.” Their office can be coffee shops, libraries, coworking spaces, RVs, beaches, hammocks, foreign countries or anywhere that they choose. Does this type of lifestyle sound appealing to you? […]

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