May 10, 2016

15 Of The World’s Most Disgusting Jobs

Do you find yourself complaining about your job on a regular basis? You’d probably complain a lot more if you had one of the world’s most disgusting jobs. There are certainly stomach churning careers that exist out there.

Pile of trash at garbage dump picture

We can think of quite a few that we would never want to add to our resume – even if they paid really well. Disgusting jobs cover all sorts of niches. With a disgusting job you could get paid for milking a snake, cleaning up sewers, dealing with dead bodies, or scuba diving in hazardous waste. It’s a gross way to make a living, but somebody has to do it!

Take a minute to brainstorm some of the world’s most disgusting jobs. What’s the first one that comes to mind? Let’s see if it makes our list of the world’s most disgusting jobs. Remember that people really do these things on a daily basis!

Here are 15 of the world’s most disgusting jobs:

  1. Garbage Man – Pick up and transport all of the disgusting things that are thrown away
  2. Sewage Worker – Some of the grossest things end up in the sewer and someone has to deal with it
  3. Chicken Sexer – Sort chickens by sex
  4. Road Kill Collector – Locate, remove, and dispose of roadkill
  5. Embalmer Prepare dead bodies for funeral services
  6. Maggot Farmer – Collect and harvest maggots for sale
  7. Chimney Sweep Inspect, clean, service, and repair chimneys
  8. Slaughterhouse Worker – Process animals for food products
  9. Proctologist – Medical profession focused on the anus, rectum, and colon
  10. EMT First person on scene anytime someone is injured
  11. Coroner Determines cause, time, and manner of death
  12. Crime Scene Cleaner – Clean up the blood and guts left after violent crimes
  13. HazMat Diver Scuba diving through hazardous materials
  14. Exterminator Find, eliminate, and destroy pests
  15. Toxicologist – Research potentially harmful or deadly toxins

There are plenty of other gross, dirty, filthy, retch-worthy jobs out there. And yes there are people who make their living doing these “disgusting” jobs every single day. It’s how they earn their paycheck. While it may disgust you, it’s a normal day at the office for them.

Do you want to apply for one of the world’s most disgusting jobs? Learn more about these disgusting jobs on JobMonkey or start your disgusting jobs search on the JobMonkey JobCenter. Enjoy your new career.

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