More Diving Jobs

Some diving jobs are not as glorious as others. The images that you imagine in your head when you imagine working in the wonderful career of diving is most likely coral reefs or just plain old blue seas.

But here are a few dive jobs that you may want to consider that don’t exactly fit that mold. They are not the most celebrated positions available, but if you want to become a professional diver, they may be your opportunity.

HazMat Diving – Diving through hazardous material may not sound glamorous, but it is very lucrative. Be sure to stay up on your health shots, and don’t cut corners – or your drysuit. You may find yourself swimming through nuclear reactors, syringe filled sewers, and toxic waste spills. You need to be an experienced expert to get a job swimming in sludge. The pay may be good, but Popular Science voted HazMat diving the #1 worst job in all of science – even above elephant vasectomist. But imagine the feeling of saving a baby bird like they did in the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. Be sure to review the oil jobs section of JobMonkey because that industry uses many divers.

Aquarium Cleaner – Most big cities and some fancy restaurants have really cool aquariums. And like any other animal in the world, fish make a mess. If you’ve ever had an aquarium you know this. Well to ensure a clean aquarium at that fancy restaurant, somebody has to clean it. Often the job is open to volunteers or for low pay, but if you have a passion for diving it may be worth it to get underwater when big city life is getting to you.

Amusement Parks – Big parks like Sea World, Disney World, and Dutch Springs or any water park in your area often need divers for both cleaning and teaching. It may not be the most glamorous work available, but if you want to get underwater, it offers a good opportunity.

Fish Farm Diver – Do you enjoy seafood? Well divers are a big part of this industry. You could fix cages, check fish health, remove dead fish, find predators, or any number of things. Without this job, seafood would be hard to come by. Note – There’s an in-depth section covering Alaska fishing jobs on JobMonkey.

These jobs are most likely jobs you can do in your local area, either as a part-time or as a full time job. Dive jobs are as diverse as the people that are interested in them. There is something for every diver.

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