January 1, 2012

Career Resolutions for 2012

Now that it’s 2012, it’s time to make some resolutions for the upcoming year! In addition to setting goals for a shrinking waistline and giving up the cigarettes, it’s also time to make some resolutions about your career. Last week, Amy wrote about challenging yourself in the new year. Today, I want to talk about […]

December 19, 2011

Top Jobs for Women in 2012

Recently, the Department of Labor released their list of the top jobs for women in 2012. Some of their picks might surprise you! Here are some of the positions on their list: Post-Secondary Teacher Anthropologist Oceanographer Natural Sciences Manager Clergy Member Jobs were ranked by factors such as expected growth in the coming years, median […]

December 3, 2011

Top Paying Jobs for Introverts

We can’t all be in-your-face, aggressive, talkative people. If you’re a bit of an introvert, but still want a top-paying job, check out the following fields as ranked by JIST Works; they not only allow you to embrace your introverted side, but they also come attached to high salaries: Astronomer Lawyer Physicists Political Scientists Aerospace […]

November 25, 2011

How to Work with a Career Coach

Most colleges offer career counseling, and as a post-graduation adult, you can also find private coaches who will help you in the jobs department. I remember going into the student career counseling office in college, though – and it was a complete bust. I walked in and we just kind of stared at one another […]

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