April 6, 2009

New Internships Job Board

JobMonkey has just launched a new tool to help you find college internships. If you haven’t yet reviewed the Internships section of the website then please check it out! The new internships job board tracks postings from all over the Internet and is updated continually. We have configured the specialized board to show a wide […]

March 28, 2009

Work Study Retreat Program

We all have a desire for meaningfulness in our work. We may even long for our work to nurture us and provide us with avenues for growth. Nestled among the Redwoods on the northern Californian coast in Sonoma County sits the developing Buddhist retreat center, Ratna Ling. Here a dedicated group have come together to […]

September 2, 2008

Alaska Oil Jobs

What will happen to the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline now that its major proponent, Governor Sara Palin, has become the VP choice of McCain? Find out on JobMonkey.

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