December 9, 2010

The 5Rs of Becoming a Nanny

Almost all of us babysat at least once or twice growing up.   Baby sitting jobs are always easy to find, as parents are gladly willing to pay for a night off. You would think that nanny jobs should be just as easy to find, yet for a parent to entrust the well-fare of their […]

November 25, 2010

Distance Learning: Is it for you?

The Internet opened us to an infinite amount of options for those of us looking for a new career.   One of the greatest ways to improve your marketability is with certification or advanced training in your field. Whether you want a degree certificate or a PhD, thanks to the Internet, you can now earn […]

November 16, 2010

The Pros and Cons of Working at Home

On a jammed highway with a rip in your stocking and a coffee stain down your blouse, working at home becomes undeniably attractive.   Instead of catching the 6AM train you can wake up when you choose. While others are picking out uncomfortable professional suits, your yoga pants are more than adequate for your office […]

November 9, 2010

4 Steps to Making Money on Etsy

You can always spot the arts and crafts type.  They’re the ones on the couch Sunday afternoons knitting their own hats and scarves for Winter. Or the ones who give out homemade quirky picture frames or sparkly earrings for their friends’ birthdays. Whatever your craft might be, there comes a point when you wonder: What am […]

November 3, 2010

4 Tips for Finding an Illustrating Job

For us artsy folk, jobs are often a touchy subject. When you grow up as that kid who sat in the back of every class doodling in every space and margin that you can find, it’s pretty clear your destiny is in “the creative” rather than what most people call “the practical.” But before we […]

October 20, 2010

4 Tips for Finding a Holiday Job

Are you in the market for a part-time job for the upcoming holiday season? Well, you’re in luck. According to Challenger, Gray & Christmas, between half a million and 600,000 part-time, temporary workers will be hired for this years holiday season. In order to make sure you’re among those hired, follow these four tips: :: […]

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