February 17, 2011

The Value of Small Talk

I’ve never liked small talk, although I’ve always been good at. Bummer. It’s a law of the universe that whatever you do well you will be consigned to do repeatedly. So off I go into every crowd, smiling and chatting, feeling like my face will freeze in a toothy grin while my head explodes from […]

February 17, 2011

Overcoming Job Hunting Hurdle if You’re Unemployed

There’s a scary trend building among employers, according to a  recent article on The Lookout. If you’re hunting for a job, it’s getting harder and harder to find opportunities if you aren’t currently employed. Job placement professionals and recruits, such as Matt Deutsch of TopEchelon.com have reported seeing an increasing number of employers who won’t […]

February 10, 2011

Seven Common Resume Mistakes

Before you’ll be offered a job or even offered an interview as one of the top candidates for a job, potential employers will review your resume and cover letter. Finding a job will be tough if you don’t have a great resume, but people commonly make major mistakes when creating this document. Let’s look at […]

January 19, 2011

Reaching Our Goals Bit by Bit

We just finished tiling the backsplash in our kitchen – a job we started four years ago. We weren’t dilly-dallying, mind you – the kitchen ceiling needed to be re-sheetrocked first, and before that, the cabinets needed replacing. It’s now been seven years since we started the do-it-yourself kitchen remodeling but as of last weekend, […]

January 4, 2011

Best Cities for Jobs in 2011

Unemployment rates are still high across the nation, but in some cities in the United States are better for job hunters than others. According to a recent report by employment service company Manpower, the top place to find a job in 2011 is Baton Rouge. The complete top five list includes: Baton Rouge Seattle Milwaukee […]

December 13, 2010

Preparing for a Fresh Start in the New Year

It’s not quite Christmas, so it might seem early to turn your thoughts to the new year. Nope, just-in-time is more like it. In my experience, not much deep thinking happens in the last couple of weeks of the year. Between the cultural holiday hubbub and our own personal to-do lists, life-planning is right up […]

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