July 20, 2016

Commercial Diving Jobs Pay You To Work Underwater

Approximately 71% of our planet is covered in water. Why don’t you find a commercial diving job so that you can work in this massive “office”? This unique niche is about as far from the typical 9-to-5 job as you can find!

Commercial Diver entering water photo

The Bureau of Labor Statistics defines commercial diving as working underwater using scuba gear to inspect, repair, remove, or install equipment and structures. It’s a cool job where you get to work in the underwater world on oil rigs, dams, bridges, ports, shipyards, water treatment plants, research projects, and other locations.

Learn More About Commercial Diving Jobs

Commercial diving is a unique way to make a living. It requires highly specialized skills and the utmost attention to safety. Commercial divers may spent their working hours rigging explosives, welding underwater, conducting tests and experiments, cleaning ships, researching sea life, or taking underwater photos. It’s a big niche with worldwide job opportunities that pay well and are in demand. Is that the type of job that you’re looking for?

Most people get a taste for diving through recreational diving. They usually log their underwater hours this way and may even pursue a job as a divemaster or a dive instructor in some tropical paradise before they develop their technical diving skills and attend a commercial diving school. Enrolling in commercial diving school is the best way to safely learn the skills and earn the certifications needed to find a job in the commercial diving industry.

BLS statistics show that in the US, there are 3450 people employed in the commercial diving industry. These commercial divers make a mean hourly wage of $26.27 OR a mean annual wage of $54,640. The most jobs are located in Louisiana, Florida, Texas, Virginia, and California. If you want to find work as a commercial diver, you need to learn about the many different types of commercial diving first.

Explore commercial diving jobs in one of these highly specialized niches:

As you can see, there are many different commercial diving specialities where you can find a cool job. The niche that you choose to pursue will affect your work hours, pay, and location. Research all of these branches to find out about job opportunities, pay, certifications, employers, and other requirements. Pick the best niche for your lifestyle and you’ll love being a commercial diver.

Learn More About The Diving Industry

The world of commercial diving is an exciting and demanding way to make a living. If you are an adventure seeking individual who dreams of working in far-flung underwater environments, then commercial diving jobs might be perfect for you.

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