August 13, 2011

Cool Jobs for Gamblers and Risk-Takers

If you love spending time at the casino, working at one might be a great option for you. Let’s take a look at what you need to know to work in the gambling industry:

Types of Jobs

In a casino, becoming a balckjack dealer or working as a pit supervisor aren’t your only options. There are a lot of common casino jobs that you can choose, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box as well and pursue one of these jobs:

  • Bingo Caller
  • Race Book Writer or Cashier
  • Slot Machine Technician
  • Security Officer
  • Marketing and Sales Directors
  • Limousine Drivers
  • Hotel Manager
  • Casino Photographer
  • Bartender

In addition, at every casino, there are entire teams that work in vaults, counting money, delivering cash to and from the floor, and more. These jobs, of course, require extreme care.

Before You Apply

At most casinos, you must complete checks and take tests before you can even be considered. This starts with a background check, which includes a credit check, a criminal history check, and more to ensure that you aren’t going to put the casino’s security at risk. Many also require you to give names for several personal references, whose backgrounds will also be checked.

If you want to work on the floor, running one of the games, you’ll also need to take classes to qualify in most cases. You might know how to play poker, but dealing needs to be done in a very specific way; if it isn’t, the house could be accused of cheating or players could more easily count cards or find other ways to get an unfair advantage.

For more hiring tips, check out the Job Monkey Casino Hiring Guide.

Types of Casinos

So where can you work if you want a gambling job? There are several types of casinos available, based on the laws where you live. Start by looking at typical casinos like those run by hotels and Native American tribes. You can also work on a riverboat casino, which are especially popular along the Mississippi River, as well as check out cruise line casino jobs.

In some states, you may also find slot machines in other non-casino areas, like at airports, and workers are typically hired to maintain these machines and be on hand to retrieve money and in case there are any problems.

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