Casino Pit Supervisors and Managers

Much has been written on the subject of pit supervisors and managers (also known as pit bosses), some of it less than complimentary when coming from gamblers complaining about the supposed harassment they’ve suffered.

Casino Pit Supervisors and Managers Look for Patrons who are Cheating and Gaming the System

Professional gamblers especially dislike it when pit supervisors ask them to leave because they are “winning too much.” The simple truth is yes, pit supervisors and managers can be tough, imposing figures, but good ones don’t go out of their way to harass honest, paying casino customers. However, they do have a responsibility to the casino management to watch for cases of abuse or cheating by players and will take action to remove suspected card counters and other players who may have worked out systems that shift the odds of winning to their favor. They also watch other pit personnel, such as the floorpersons and pit clerks, for evidence of theft or apparent ties to dishonest players. In addition pit supervisors and managers, who usually have years of previous casino experience, must supervise operations of the table games in their particular station, help with the scheduling of pit personnel breaks, and handle customer complaints regarding dealers. Salary for this position may reach up to $75,000 for those working at some of the major resort casinos.

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