Distance Learning Tips –
Keys to Success

  • Stay on top of your work and try to follow your instructor’s online course syllabi as closely as possible.
  • Set aside some “quiet time” every day to work on your assignments.
  • Remain as motivated throughout the class as you were when you first began pursuing your online college degree.
  • Remember that there will be lag time from when you submit your assignments and hear back from your instructor.
  • Write your name and contact information on each assignment you turn in. Also, it doesn’t hurt to include your professor’s name and course number, seeing as how each instructor will teach several different online classes simultaneously.
  • Keep a copy of each assignment you turn in.
  • Stay in touch with your professor, and do not hesitate to ask questions about the course material.
  • If you experience computer/internet technical difficulties, either immediately repair the system, or contact your instructor by phone to explain your “absence” from class. Ask him/her for advice on how best to proceed.
  • Identify yourself in all class communications to ensure that you are receiving appropriate class credit.
  • Use appropriate subject lines in your emails. Check with your instructor if there is a certain format they would like your messages to follow.
  • When working with a project group, be prompt with your work or let your study partners know that you are falling behind as soon as possible so that their grades are not affected.
  • Ask questions about content and online course material should you have them. But do not panic if you don’t hear back from someone right away.
  • Read all messages sent to the class group or via email. Be on the lookout for messages from your instructor or others asking questions you might already have.
  • When commenting on your class posting boards, make meaningful, relevant comments only.
  • Do not use emoticons in your posts or emails – they are considered unprofessional.


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