Online Course Instructors

Besides utilizing certified, accredited professors and instructors to lead distance learning classes, some institutions also offer classes taught by highly trained professionals and respected field executives, some of whom achieved their degrees online as well. The majority of online instructors are full-time faculty members at traditional colleges, and have undertaken extensive training in online instruction.

Many even redesign their existing classes to best accommodate distance learning students. Thus, the quality of an online education is the same as in traditional learning environments.

The typical distance learning professor holds a Master’s or Doctoral degree, has 16 years of experience in his or her field, and teaches approximately six courses per semester. Depending upon their field, faculty members also publish and present academic papers, and may hold an office in a professional/academic organization. Due to the nature of online education, distance learning faculty are highly skilled in technology and web programs as well.

The University of Phoenix’s website describes their faculty as individuals who, “…exist at the intersection of the academic and professional worlds. While a strong cadre of Core Faculty oversees curriculum and instruction, the majority of our instructors hold advanced academic degrees and are actively employed in the fields in which they teach – being an educator is a matter of personal and professional interest, not solely a career.”

To ensure the highest standard of academic performance, online educators are regularly evaluated by their students and peers, just as faculty at traditional schools and universities are.

So, feel secure in the knowledge that the professors and instructors you’ll have while you earn your degree are of the same quality as those offered at traditional colleges and universities. But, you get the extra bonus of utilizing their learnings and teachings when it’s most convenient for you.

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