Advantage and Disadvantage of Distance Learning


  • Online degree programs offer the flexibility of fitting your education into your life as you see fit.
  • Shorter matriculation period (i.e., it takes less time to earn an online college degree than from a traditional learning institution)
  • You can still work a full-time job while earning your online bachelor’s degree or online master degree.
  • Taking online classes can save you money on tolls, gas, parking, childcare, and dormitory boarding
  • No more commuting!
  • There’s financial aid available for most students
  • Small “classes” and individualized learning plans
  • Virtual elimination of class/test anxiety
  • Easy access to course materials and supplemental resources
  • More time to think before answering class/instructor questions
  • Learning new technologies or improving familiarity in a hands-on environment
  • No more competing with peers for lab time or teacher attention
  • Geographic location is no longer a factor (ex: you can live in New Jersey but take classes from an institution in California )
  • Instructors are more accessible
  • Online college degree programs offer accelerated schedule and graduation


  • A personal lack of motivation or discipline can cause class failure
  • Lack of face-to-face interaction with instructors and peers
  • Typically, there are no advisors to discuss your educational plans and course load with
  • Lack of human interaction in class can hinder the learning process for some
  • Absence of significant networking opportunities with faculty and peers
  • More opportunities for “real life” interruptions to your study time
  • Technical difficulties with your computer, printer, or internet can cause educational delays
  • Lack of social outlets found at traditional learning institutions (ex: sororities/fraternities, student union, clubs, etc.)


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