Online Learning Q&A –

Question: Is financial aid available to distance learning students?
Answer: Yes. Distance learning institutions offer a variety of financial aid and scholarship programs, just like the traditional institutions do. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) provides students with need-based grants and loans.

For more information, visit the FAFSA link on the Useful Websites page.

Question: Does an online degree mean the same thing as one earned at a regular school?
Answer: Yes. In fact, a recent study showed that those having a degree from an online institution generally were professionally performing equal to or even better than some employees who had attended a regular university. Like in all things, your educational program is what you put into it.

Question: What resources are available for distance learning students?
Answer: Besides having a university bookstore, many online learning institutions will offer virtual libraries of resource materials, interview data, scientific studies, journals, etc. Also, due to the nature of online classes, students on message boards can utilize each other for assistance in course work. Additionally, instructors are easily accessible to help clarify information or discuss topics further. Many schools also offer tech support should you have difficulties with your computer or internet connection.

Question: Can I combine online/correspondence classes with traditional classes?
Answer: This depends upon your college or university. Many traditional schools allow their students to take a limited number of distance learning classes in conjunction with their degree and receive full credit. Many schools even offer their own distance learning opportunities, giving students significant discounts on the tuition for those classes. Check with an advisor for further information and availability.

Question: How do I know if distance learning is right for me?
Answer: Try it out! If you haven’t taken a distance learning course over the Internet, then give it a try. Visit to take a sample lesson. There are lots of free ‘sample’ courses available – just Google the term, “free distance learning classes.”

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