Agriculture Distribution Jobs

Food products have to get from farms to processing plants and from plants to supermarkets somehow.

Third-party trucking companies hire drivers, and some packaging plants even have their own teams of drivers. You can read more about truck driving jobs here at JobMonkey through this section of the website.

Agriculture distribution is about so much more than truck driving, however. While transportation is key, many companies also hire workers to help with the other major areas of food distribution: food handling and logistics. Jobs within this part of the industry include the following:

  • Inventory: At large plants and even smaller operations, someone has to be in charge of ensuring that the right products are ordered in the right amounts so that processing never stops but food products don’t go bad while waiting to be processed. Some companies also have loss prevention managers who work with inventory staff and security to prevent as much lost profit as possible.
  • Warehousing: Warehouse workers are needed to fill orders, move large boxes of products, load trucks, and work with inventory managers
  • Security: Most warehouses employ security guards, either around the clock or at night, to prevent problems with break-ups or employee stealing.

Agricultural companies also have human resources departments, public relations specialists, staff managers, accounting managers, and many other administrators and secretaries in some cases. It depends on the size of the company, but if you have a degree in business, finance, or another related area, you could look to the agricultural industry for a job in distribution.

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