Biofuel Industry Jobs

In 2014, biofuels accounted for 2.3% of the world’s transportation fuel.

Why that may not seem like a high percentage, the fact of the matter is that billions of dollars are spent on the production of these new-age fuels every year, and there is a growing demand for workers in the industry.

Biofuels are fuels made from biomass, which typically means that they are products created from farm products, either plants of animals. There are two main focuses when it comes to biofuels: producing fuels from what would otherwise be waste products and producing fuel from products that are less expensive and more environmentally friendly than traditional fuel products like oil and coal.

Biofuel can be produced from a number of biomass products, but some of the most common are ethanol, biodiesel, and oilgae. Like with other products, biofuel product starts at the farm, and from there, processing occurs to create an end product that is useful to consumers. If you want to work in this industry, your job duties will depend on the type of biofuel you’re helping to produce.

Although many believe that biofuels are the best choice for the environment, this isn’t a topic without controversy. Currently, biofuels aren’t economically feasible, and without government support through subsidies, farmers would have little incentive to delve into this part of the agricultural industry. Critics also point to the fact that biofuel may actually take more energy to produce than other fuel products, which cancels out any environmental benefits. There are also social factors to consider, and the “food vs. fuel” debate is an ongoing look at how the change from farms that are growing food to farms that are growing products for fuel could affect global food supply and demand. Therefore, there are not only jobs available in producing biofuel, but also in analyzing and researching this new market.

Working in the biofuel industry is anything but boring! This is a very new part of the agricultural world, and it is changing rapidly as more and more consumers realize the importance of renewable resources and alternative energy.

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