Farmhand Day Labor Jobs

Most farm workers fall under the general day laborer category. Farms have different names for these workers (for example, “farmhands” is common). Basically, though, there are the workers responsible for keeping the farm up and running on a day-to-day basis.

On a small farm, your daily tasks as a farmhand will change based on the needs during that time of year or even that specific day. Some of the tasks that you could do include the following:

  • Mechanical work on farm equipment that breaks down
  • Running equipment like tractors, dump trucks, and combines
  • Checking the health of animals or the health of crops
  • Work involving planting or harvesting
  • Cleaning stables or pens
  • Helping with breeding procedures
  • Transporting crops, animals, equipment, and materials
  • Odd jobs around the farm

This isn’t by farm an exclusive list of tasks, and as you gain experience, you’ll be able to move into upper-level positions, managing teams of other day laborers or seasonal workers.

Some farms also sell products directly to consumers via shops and farmer’s markets during the entire year. So, you may work talking to consumers about the farm’s products, running a cash register, or otherwise working in sales.

If you work on a large farm, you may have a single job that you do on every day (such as mechanical work), but most general day laborers are expected to be flexible with the tasks they do. You may also need to be flexible with your hours, as some farms will need you for more hours during harvest season and fewer hours during the winter.

Most farms pay their farmhands by the hour, though some may offer salary positions. You’ll likely start at minimum wage, but there is an opportunity to earn more if you’re a dedicated worker that shows up on time every day and finishes work quickly without complaining. You might even be offered a benefits package, depending on the size of the farm.

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