Food Processing Work

At one time, the food processing industry was one of the best industries in the United States, with people looking at these jobs as positions of honor.

Over time, food processing companies grew larger and began to have more influence in Washington with lawmaking, and many believe today that these companies are run unethically and unsafely.

However, over the past few years, we’ve been seeing a revolution in the food industry. Today, there are people standing up to the larger companies and demanding that they treat workers fairly, make working conditions safe for employees, treat animals humanely, and take measures to ensure that products are safe for consumers. As a country, we still have a long way to go, but conditions are beginning to improve and you shouldn’t totally discount working in food processing simply because of the stereotype surrounding this part of the agricultural world. Learn about seafood processing jobs in Alaska in another section of JobMonkey.

Remember, slaughterhouses aren’t the only part of the food processing world. Crops also have to be processed, and both crops and animal products are manipulated to use in other items you can buy in the grocery store. Even farmers who sell their products directly at markets and to grocery stores have employees that help with “processing” – essentially cleaning and packaging the products, as well as sorting out damaged produce.

Meat food processing also happens on a smaller level, so you can choose to work for a company that values quality over quantity. This is especially true with organic companies, family-owned butcher shops, and farms that do the processing themselves. They hire fewer workers, but often pay more and you enjoy a family-like atmosphere with other employees and your superiors.

The food processing industry also needs inspectors and others who manage quality control in facilities both large and small. So, if you’re passionate about food safety, working in the food processing industry might be a perfect career choice for you, not to mention the fact that these are some of the highest-paying positions in agriculture.

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