February 3, 2012

Find a Job in Paradise

Most people who visit Hawaii on vacation never want to leave…but have you considered actually making this dream of living in paradise in a reality? It might be easier to think – if you can line up a job. It’s not cheap to live in Hawaii, so let’s take a look at what you need to know about getting a cool job in this state.

  • Maritime Jobs

The maritime industry is expected to continue growing in Hawaii through at least 2018, meaning that it’s easy to get a job in this state if you have education or experience in this area. Finding a maritime job is possible in all areas of this state, especially as a ship engineer. In fact, rates in this specific position are expected to triple in the next few years! In addition, there will be tons of other positions opening for naval architects, marine architects, ship crew members, and even motorboat operators.

  • Travel Nursing Jobs

As a travel nurse, you’ll move from island to island, going where you’re needed most to fill positions temporarily while health care facilities and related companies find permanent employees. Working as a travel nurse isn’t easy – you’ll have to pick up your life every four to 12 weeks in most cases – but you’ll be easily able to find a job in paradise in this industry.

  • Jobs in the Tourism Industry

Of course, you can also find tons of tourism jobs in the Hawaii, since lots of visitors like to explore paradise too! Consider working as a white water rafting guide or getting a diving job in Hawaii. You can also work as a tour guide, get a hotel job, or take a restaurant position. There are tourism jobs available for both unskilled workers and college graduates, so no matter what you education level, you can find positions in this industry in Hawaii.

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