December 3, 2015

How To Find A Job In The Video Game Industry

What’s your video game system of choice? Playstation? XBox? Wii? PC? Do you play Call of Duty, Madden, Grand Theft Auto, Mario Kart, Just Dance, FIFA, Minecraft, The Sims, World of Warcraft, or some other totally awesome video game? If you’re a fan of video games, you probably want to know how to find a job in the video game industry.

Using Video Game Controller To Play Video Games Picture

Before we dive in, it’s interesting to look at some video game industry statistics from The Entertainment Software Association:

  • 155 million Americans play video games
  • Four out of five US households own a device to play video games
  • 42% of Americans play video games regularly
  • $22.41 billion was spent on the games industry in 2014

As you can see video gaming is a huge part of the American culture. Everyone finds this interactive form of entertainment enjoyable. In order to keep up with demand and to continually produce high quality video games, gamers like you are needed to fill jobs in the video game industry.

Find Video Game Jobs

The video game industry needs artists, writers, designers, programmers, marketers, and gamers to work on every single video game project. You could make a killer salary with a video game job, if you can land the job.

There’s no standard route to break into the video game niche. It requires passion, dedication, and a intimate knowledge of video games. has a collection of fantastic insider’s insight into how to find a job in the video game industry that you should read.

If you’re keen to find a job in the video game industry, here are a few necessary steps:

  • Attend a video game design school
  • Earn a university degree in a gaming related subject like computer science or programming
  • Learn to code on your own
  • Build your portfolio and web presence
  • Find a video game internships
  • Get your foot in the door of a video game company

There are lots of jobs in this tech savvy industry. You can find opportunities with small crews of die hard gamers or land a gig with massive gaming project with an unlimited budget. Every gaming project needs people who specialize in design, testing, marketing, and programming. What will your speciality be?

There’s no easy route to a video game job, but if you’re committed you can find a job in the video game industry with companies like:

Are you going to be the person to create the next legendary video game hero or the next best selling global game? If you want to, you can be. You just need to learn more about the video game industry.

JobMonkey has an incredible video game industry guide. It’s worth checking out for anyone interested in this niche. Are you ready to find video game jobs?

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