Video Game Design Schools

For those seeking employment within the video game industry, the consensus seems to be that a college degree in computer science, with an emphasis in video game design, is an excellent route.

A potential student’s options are increasing as more colleges and universities are offering courses with video game design-related content. More schools are coming to realize the cultural and economic importance of the computer gaming industry.

Virtual Reality Game Development

By offering such courses, the universities are also acknowledging that the games and their systems are becoming more complex and specialized. Sure, someone seeking a career within the video game industry should know and love video games, but these days, that’s not nearly enough. A successful video game designer must combine technical knowledge with an understanding of the storytelling and artistic requirements of the genre.

It’s getting easier to find video game design schools, but they’re still few and far between. Presently only one University of California campus – UC Santa Cruz – offers a full game design major. Undergrads at UCSC can graduate through the school of engineering with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science: Computer Game Design. The program is “focused on the construction and design of interactive computer games.”

But it’s not all fun and games. The degree requires a senior-year game design studio “where students work in teams to develop a substantial video game,” according to information from UCSC. Leading up to that point, students must take courses in computer science, art, music, narrative, digital media and computer engineering.

Examples of other options within the UC system include game-related courses at UCSD, which offers classes in computer graphics and computer animation, among others. At UC Irvine, students can receive a Studio Art degree specialization in Game Culture and Technology.

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