September 22, 2017

8 Ways To Find An Acting Job

People from all walks of life dream of becoming an actor or an actress. Acting is a tough niche to break into, but if you can do it, you’ll love it. Acting isn’t about becoming famous. It’s about tapping into your creative talents, finding your inspiration, and sharing your experiences with your audience. If you want to find an acting job, you have to treat acting like a job.

Actress ponders life while scene starts to film

It’s highly unlikely that someone is going to stop you in the street and ask you to star in the next Hollywood blockbuster. Instead, to become an actor or an actress you have to work hard, stay focused, and master your craft.

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To learn the art of acting you should take acting classes, earn a degree in performing arts, attend workshops, hire acting coaches, and practice. Once you feel that you have the knowledge and skills to stand out from the crowd, it’s time to find an acting job and build your acting portfolio.

Here are a few different ways to find an acting job:

  1. Casting Calls
  2. Social Media
  3. Contacts/Network
  4. Talent Agent
  5. Auditions
  6. Casting Websites
  7. Experience
  8. Job Boards

Before you make it on the big screen you might work in community theaters, theme parks, reenactments, or a production studio. Perhaps one of the best ways to learn the acting niche is to find work as a movie extra or find a job behind the scenes. All of these opportunities provide you will relevant experience that can help you break into this niche.

Ask any actor or actress and they’ll have plenty of stories about how they made it in the industry. It’s important to be realistic. Get ready to face rejection and remember that just like in any job you have to climb the ladder. Whatever happens, stay positive and stand proud knowing that you’re trying to achieve the dream.

It is possible to find acting jobs on Set up a job alert and you’ll receive an email when opportunities are posted. You may want to start your search for acting jobs with Disney Auditions, they seem to always have a demand for actors, actresses, and performers. Maybe this will be your first big break!

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