June 16, 2017

16 Tips For Finding A Job As A New Graduate

Congratulations! You’re a college graduate. After years of studying and honing your education potential, you’re keen and eager to enter the working world, right? Before you start applying for jobs, we have a few tips for finding a job as a new graduate.

New graduates celebrating their new graduation

Job Search Advice For New College Grads

Did you know that toughly , 1,882,000 students will graduate with a bachelor’s degree this year (NACEWeb.org)? There is going to be fierce competition in the job market – especially for those highly coveted jobs that you really want.

It’s important to prepare yourself for the realities of the job search. It can be a frustrating process to find a job – especially when you have a student loan hanging over your head. With a fresh mind filled with new ideas, you’re in demand, but you have to play the game and finding a job can take time.

Hopefully the following tips for finding a job as a new graduate will help make the job search easier:

  1. Start As Soon As Possible
  2. Know What You Want
  3. Discuss Jobs And Employers With Friends, Family, Mentors, Professors, And Others
  4. Be Realistic
  5. Focus On Entry Level Jobs
  6. Contact Companies Where You Were An Intern
  7. Take A Gap Year
  8. Find A Seasonal Job
  9. Clean Up Your Web Presence
  10. Mind Your Finances And Loans
  11. Remember That You Have Lots To Offer
  12. Don’t Rely Only On The Internet
  13. Go Out And Find Jobs, Don’t Wait For Them To Come To You
  14. Grow Your Network
  15. Don’t Set Yourself Up For Disappointment
  16. Find A Job That You’ll Enjoy

Finding a job as a new graduate can be tough. It’s up to you to find a job for yourself. You’ll find all sorts of useful job search advice, job and industry profiles, and even a job board on JobMonkey that will help to steer you in the right direction. It’s all totally FREE and only a click away.

Do You Really Need A College Degree To Get A Job?

Your college graduation may mark the end of your formal education, but it is just the beginning of an exciting career path.Whatever happens, stay positive and get ready to roll with the punches. As long as you are determined and you’re able to stand out from the crowd, finding a job as a new grad will be a breeze. Are you up to the challenge?

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