What is a Firefighting Job?

The work of a firefighter includes several types of duties. They are called on to take necessary steps to extinguish fires of various types and locations. Firefighters respond to emergency situations and are required to drive fire trucks and other vehicles to get to the scene. They may be required to rescue those people who are trapped in a structure that is ablaze.

Fireman Poses by Fire Truck

Part of a firefighter job involves laying and connecting hoses after arriving at the scene of the incident and directing water (under high pressure) to extinguish a fire. Climbing up and down ladders is part of the job. Firefighters are required to perform their duties while wearing protective equipment and breathing apparatus.

Firefighters may be the first emergency personnel on the scene, and are trained to assess the condition of an injured person by observing their condition and asking about their medical history. They can administer CPR (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation) and First Aid, as needed. A firefighter may help paramedics by helping to lift patients and place them in an ambulance for transportation to the hospital.

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When a motor vehicle accident has taken place and victims are trapped inside the vehicle, the task of extracting them as quickly and safely as possible falls to firefighters. They are also called out to assist with water rescues, industrial accidents, hazardous materials spills, and when someone is trapped in a confined space.

Not all of a firefighter’s duties include being involved in hazardous situations, though. Part of the job description involves checking and maintaining equipment in between calls. Firefighters are also required to participate in training programs offered by the department to ensure that their skills remain up to date as new equipment is bought and procedures are changed over time. Senior members of the fire department help with on-the-job training for new hires.

Firefighters are an important part of the communities they serve and they assist the public by providing information about fire prevention and safety. This community service may take the form of visits to schools and community organizations, or performing safety demonstrations.

Being a firefighter is a rewarding and well-paying career choice. The average salary for a trained firefighter in the United States is $48,000.

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